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Nutritional expertise in anti-ageing, beauty & well-being, weight management, sports & exercise, pregnancy and general healthy eating. We are also able to advise on an extensive range of food related problems and clinical conditions such as diabetes, IBS, coeliac disease, PCOS, food allergies and intolerances and heart disease. Take a look at our nutrition programs which are specially designed to cater for your personal needs.

Whether you want to lose weight, manage your diet to achieve a specific health goal, or simply learn how to eat better, my own dietitian will offer you a thorough nutritional assessment, a customised meal plan, healthy recipe adaptations and much more as well as follow up visits. Please click here  for further information.

It is our mission to be by your side in this challenging journey to improve your health and well-being, offering you the guidance and support you need.  Our services are designed to meet your personal needs taking into account your medical history, activity levels and lifestyle factors in order to offer you long term solutions.


My Own Dietitianprovides dietetic advice and support to individuals on a range of nutritional topics as well as nutritional consultancy services to businesses, organisations and groups and nutritional advice and information to the media. Please click here  for further information.

My Own Dietitian offers a bespoke service dedicated to improving and enhancing individuals' lifestyles, health and ​well-being through nutrition.