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A workout will provide the best results, only if you team it up with the right diet. My Own Dietitian recommends you the 'Power' program, a nutrition plan designed for active people who work out regularly or those training for a specialist sport or event who want to enhance their performance and help their body recover properly after training and competition.

First and foremost we will undertake a nutritional analysis to ensure that the quantity and quality of your energy and protein intakes are appropriate and meeting your requirements. Fluid intake, timing of meals and snacks and the safe use of supplements will also be covered in your plan. We will also check for any nutritional deficiencies in your current diet.

This program will focus on particular concerns relevant to you and your sport for example foods for concentration, keeping weight within desirable levels, muscle building etc. We will provide you with a suggested meal plan based on your activity levels and requirements. Please click here  for more information.